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Tylaska Marine & Aerospace is located in Mystic, Connecticut, USA. The original Tylaska shackle evolved from a need to build a quick release mechanism for detaching towed gliders from behind power boats. Local sailors saw the crossover potential and the design quickly transformed into its present configuration now a benchmark in the sailing industry. Over the years, several other products followed to complement the initial snap shackle. Tylaska is one of the last manufacturers making all their products and components in the USA.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Tylaska pursues a different product mission. Instead of looking for ways to cut corners and skimp on Tylaska shackles are not the least expensive, but they are quite possibly the best and have become the industry standard. Overbuilt for sailing applications, we rely on their products for security and peace of mind where failure is not an option.

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featured products:

Tylaska T-12 Snap Shackle

Industry standard for yachts worldwide, T-12’s suit halyards, sheets, braces and more.

T-12’s available at Phuket Yacht Services for THB 7590

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