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LIROS is recognised as a world leader in manufacturing high tech yachting ropes, kite surf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. Since its founding in 1854, the Rosenberger family has been producing ropes from select fibres known all over the world. Latest production facilities enable LIROS to develop products for every customer requirement.

Special coatings developed by LIROS minimise the abrasion of high-quality fibre ropes and Protect from UV radiation. Thermal processes optimise the rope in terms of elongation and tensile strength.

Liros is the official partner and supplier of the German, Swedish and Australian National Sailing Teams.

Phuket Yacht Services is proud to be the primary distributor of Liros Ropes in Southeast Asia. We carry select stock and can order to fill your specific needs with ease. Talk to us about running rigging!

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featured products:

Liros Herkules Vision

Fresh colours combined with our premium grey polyester. Very resistant, extremely versatile, top quality line. Specially designed for sheets and control lines on yachts of every size. Very durable and low stretch – heat set. Excellent grip on winch drums, exceptionally abrasion resistant cover. cirst choice for cruising yachts with extremely high standards.

Various colours and sizes in stock, from ThB 37 per meter and up!

Liros Hercules Visions


LIROS Racer-Hybrid offers an exceptional combination of heat-resistant hybrid fibres and high-tenacity polyester. The cover can be stripped with ease for weight reduction. LIROS Racer-Hybrid has a perfectly balanced cover-core ratio for maximum reliability.

Cover: 50% Vectran® / 50% polyester
Construction: 8 mm 24-plaited, 10 mm and up 32-plaited
Core Dyneema® XTR-Grip-Coating Silver
6-14 mm diameters
Starting from ThB 370.

Liros Racer Hybrid Ropes
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